A History of Millennia

A wine culture born and cultivated since the times of Magna Grecia in the VII Century a.C.

Wine decanting in Roman times until it was later appreciated also by the Papal Court

Even today, we continue to preserve, enhance and protect the heritage of the ancient autochthonous vines of Verbicaro , in order to produce quality wines without ever compromising their typicality and authenticity recognized over time.


Bio Cultivation

The grapes, as well as our wines, do not undergo chemical treatments

Traditional Processes

We use historical and classic traditional methods not industrialized

DOC Territory

We only use in our territory recognized DOC

Typicality & Authenticity

We aim to enhance the unmistakable flavors of the authentic and typical Verbicaro wine.



The authentic wines of Verbicaro , born from the best grapes of the ancient vines among the hills of our village.