The Company

Our Mission and values. The excellence

What We Viticulturists of Verbicaro have in common is the constant desire to preserve, enhance and protect the heritage of the ancient native vines, in order to be able to produce quality wines without ever affecting their typicality and authenticity recognized over time.

The meticulous manual work in the vineyard, the selection of the grapes and their typicality, the artisanal vinification process, are undoubtedly the pillars of an excellent production that aims to enhance the unmistakable flavors of the Authentic wine of Verbicaro.

Tradition, Passion, Territory, Authenticity.

These are our values ​​that have been passed down for generations, to enjoy the flavors of a millennial history of the Vinicolo heritage of Verbicaro.

A look to the future

With the desire to continue to live the winemaking culture while maintaining the peculiarity of the final products, the commitment is to expand over time the vineyard area within our Territory, bringing to the recovery of the entire species of native vines, creating nurseries for the production of nursery material to self-sustain the replanting and planting.

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