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catuv bianco - viticoltori verbicaro

Technical Notes


Red Wine

Grape Variety

(Guarnaccia) Sweet magliocco, black greek, nzola and black mantonico, aleatico. Indigenous

Alcoholic Title


Serving Temperature


Sensory Analysis

Floral essences of violet, persistent notes of red fruit, which recall pomegranate, black cherries and ripe plums.


Typical dishes based on meat and aged cheeses



Production Area

Verbicaro vineyards


The name comes from the Verbicarese dialect term 'Catuv' from the Greek 'κατά' 'under' the house, as well as a rustic cellar where the wine is kept and tasted, premises widely present since ancient times in the historic center of the Borgo. The shape illustrated on the label represents the iconic key for opening them.

Limited Production

Anything that is valuable cannot be unlimited.

It all comes from a meticulous manual work of man.

The utmost care and attention is paid to the crops and to the entire production chain so as to guarantee a unique and quality product.